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SKINICIAN is an Irish brand that was conceived, developed and launched by entrepreneurial mother/daughter duo Hilary McMurray and Shelley Martin who recognised the need for a less confused approach to skincare to complement our time compressed lives. 

After working closely for numerous years with professional therapists and cosmeceutical pharmacists, SKINICIAN was launched in 2012 bringing to the market an exceptional skincare range to suit all skin types and deliver real and visible results. Using only the best ingredients and harnessing the power of modern science and nature the brand offers a full range of powerful products packed full of antioxidants and free from parabens. 

SKINICIAN is a listening brand that puts the needs of all its customers at the forefront of every decision, somewehere that therapists, business owners and consumers can come and seek knowledge and support. This is reflected in SKINICIAN's values of simplicity, results, inspiration, collaboration and trust. 

SKINICIAN has not only delivered but exceeded the desires of both salons and consumers. The results speak for themselves and the feedback is phenomenal!